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Reflections on CS108

This semester was a rollercoaster of an experience. I never expected the Covid situation to develop as it has. I have truly confirmed how vital being able to physically talk with a teacher and meet my group partners face-to-face is to ensuring that problems don’t compound and destroy a project.

I have also had the opportunity to participate in a game jam. Where I was able to publish a game for the second time in my life (although first outside of work). It was an experience and a half to actually be part of the publishing process this time and to see my game on the store front. Overall the entire experience was a delight.

I have also had the opportunity to truly codify the MDA style of game analysis. While some of its principals ran counter intuitive to my internalized way of evaluating game design, through this class I have seen how it is useful to the industry in ways that my personal ethos would have failed. Furthermore, in exploring the textbook, Extra Credits vids, TED Talks, and various other readings and videos, I was able to have genuine intellectual discourse over the principles I have been admiring from afar for the past 5 years.

Then there is my final project, which although it is the third game i have published, it is the first that I have done solely on my own. I have had the idea of this game for a long time, but have always had the excuse of school work to give in to my fear of failure and delay its creation indefinitely. However, with the advent of Covid and the absolute disaster earlier in the semester, I needed to do something to prove to myself (if noone else) that I am serious about being a game designer and have what it takes to do it. So I made Advanced Rock Paper Scizzor. The feedback I got from demonstrating it was informative of my failings, if still reafirming in that I was able to get it done. The fact that I have gone back and made changes based on their feedback and still plan to improve this game after the semester ends is something I needed as a person and the thing I am gladest to have recieved from this class.

Thanks for reading this far. May you stay safe and healthy. A toast to surviving in the Lockdown.

toodles (*v*)/


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